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Meet Dean Johnson

Candidate for Laurel County Clerk

PAID FOR BY Dean Johnson

Please allow me to share a few facts concerning Laurel County Clerk Dean Johnson’s record of public service.

Dean Johnson has dedicated thirty-six years to our community; serving four years as County Treasurer and thirty-two years as our County Clerk.

During this thirty-six years, Dean Johnson has an unblemished record. While in office, Dean Johnson has responsibly managed and dispersed over $340 million dollars of our tax money.

Dean Johnson has complied with all statutory budget requirements and accounted for every single dollar.

How do we know this?

Because during Dean Johnson’s tenure, there have been thirty-five legally required audits which show he has always been in compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations.

Dean Johnson requires that all of your land records, mortgages, liens, releases and miscellaneous records are immediately recorded.


Because instant recording eliminates any possibility of your records being misplaced and there can be no question your records were not recorded in a timely manner.

Instant recording also increases the security of your documents. Dean Johnson requires that all of your records are immediately scanned and preserved in digital format. They are then indexed and printed onto a
hard copy.

Dean Johnson is also responsible for all aspects of voter registration, ballot preparation, and election day voting.

Dean Johnson has conducted all elections in compliance with all Kentucky and Federal Statutes.

How do we know?

Because in addition to annual financial auditing, the Laurel County Clerk’s Office is subject to random election audits, all of which prove he has been in compliance with all applicable statutes.

Dean Johnson was one of the first County Clerk’s to participate in the Internet Vehicle Registration renewal program which began over ten years ago. This allows you to renew your registration on line without
having to visit the clerk’s office.

Dean Johnson has earned the trust of the citizens of Laurel County over his thirty-six-year tenure.

Dean Johnson has also earned the trust of his peers.  In 2003, Dean Johnson served as President of the Kentucky County Court Clerk’s Association.

Dean Johnson has served as the County Court Clerk’s Association Legislative Representative of Highway District Eleven for over 20 years.

Dean Johnson served twelve years on the Kentucky Association of Counties Board of Directors.

Dean Johnson is a Christian and a member of the Calvary Baptist Church.

Dean is also a Veteran.  He is a Mason belonging to the McKee Lodge No. 144 F. & A.M. as well as a Shriner.

Dean has been a conservative Republican all of his life.  First and foremost, Dean Johnson is a father and grandfather.

Dean Johnson currently manages an annual budget of approximately 15 million dollars as your Laurel County Clerk.

This calendar year alone, Dean Johnson will be responsible for the filing of thousands of records.

Dean Johnson will be responsible for the management of the May Primary and November General election which will see dozens of candidates running for dozens of offices. These elections are conducted
in 45 individual precincts requiring over 200 election officers and alternates.

Dean Johnson will be responsible for the transfer and registration of over 100,000 vehicles and boats in Laurel County during 2018.

Dean Johnson will collect over a million dollars in delinquent property taxes during 2018.

The Laurel County Clerk’s Office is the 14th largest clerk’s office in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the number of transactions.  It’s an enormous responsibility.

VOTE for Dean Johnson for Laurel Country Clerk on May 22nd!